Battery Or Gas?

For many people this question is coming more to the forefront of their minds when considering what type of power equipment to invest in to suit their needs. Whether you are a professional landscaper, someone who owns a large amount of land, or a homeowner with a small yard to maintain; the question of which to buy, Battery or Gas powered, still remains. There are many pro’s and con’s to both sides of the argument, and we will be laying out some of those for you today on this blog post. Feel free to leave us questions, or email us regarding any questions or concerns that may not have been answered in the following paragraphs.

When considering battery equipment you will first want to consider what kind of work you will be doing with your machine. If you have the need for a leaf blower, for instance, the benefits of choosing battery over gas are astronomical. For example, a battery leaf blower is substantially quieter with no engine noise. Most homeowners and landowners don’t need to use their leaf blower every single day and it will more than likely be sitting in a garage or a shed waiting to be used again for several months. This would be something that would insure that your leaf blower will need servicing due to the gas being left in the machine and the gas going bad. Battery equipment completely solves this issue which saves you hundreds of dollars a year because not only will you avoid all of the hassle of having to repair it but you will also avoid the cost of gas, service parts, and mix oil. Battery equipment not only lowers fuel emissions that are put out into the environment by gas machines, but it also lowers your yearly costs of maintaining and fueling your gas powered equipment. For many people a battery powered machine is exactly what they want for their home or business, it cuts out all possible mistakes that could be made with mixing gas, flooding the engine, spilled fuel or oil, and noxious gasses in a closed environment such as green houses or garages. Furthermore, with battery powered equipment you can get a substantial lifespan out of your equipment which depending on the frequency of use of the equipment can mean you’ll get 6 to 10 years or use off of one battery. Most manufacturers, Husqvarna included, create just a few batteries for all of their equipment each with different amps and power ratings, but they are compatible with all of the equipment available. Which means that you can buy a String Trimmer, Hedge Clipper, Chainsaw, and Leaf Blower and only need one or two batteries to operate the whole fleet. That is a bargain in itself.

Now, don’t misinterpret that last statement to mean that we don’t completely stand behind our gas fueled power equipment one-hundred percent. We do, we love all of our gas powered equipment because it has proven itself to get the job done efficiently time and time again. Gas powered equipment has some advantages over battery powered equipment, and it also has disadvantages. Anymore, the modern landscaper or homeowner needs to access all of the options being put forth by power equipment companies such as Husqvarna or Stihl. Gas powered equipment is more often than not a more powerful, more aggressive, and more high volume choice. With gas powered machines you can run a large chainsaw or a backpack blower for hours a day without having to recharge, you simply refuel the equipment and keep going. With gas you get more torque and power behind the tool than that of a battery powered tool, which is needed in some situations. Gas is a classic form of power equipment that over time has gotten better and better and battery has only been around for about the last 10 years or so.

In summation you need to analyze and go over your needs and what you should be buying to better invest in you business or home before buying equipment. For more information about the benefits of gas or battery equipment you can follow the links below or call us for more information!

Benefits of Battery Equipment

Advantages / Disadvantages of Battery Equipment

Husqvarna Equipment Information

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