Our Repair Shop


Through the years we have prided ourselves on our efficient turn-around time in the repair shop as well as our attention to detail. We have had the pleasure of helping many Landscapers get back to the job quickly when their equipment quits on them. This year we are short one mechanic which may mean we will be slower on our turn-around of equipment repairs. However, this shouldn’t keep us from doing our best on every piece of equipment that enters our shop.

Our rates are as follows:

$80 per Hour

$40 per Half Hour 

$20 Minimum*

*Minimum being the rate we charge for a quick pull rope replacement or to refit your chainsaw with a new chain. Anything that takes around 15 minutes or less to accomplish.*

We have also made the decision to keep the shop door locked for a majority of the time. This will ensure that our mechanics aren’t bothered with bringing equipment up to the front or taking equipment in for repair. Which in turn will help us keep a steady pace with repair turn-around-time.

Our Mechanics Are: 

        Nathan Mrotzek                                       &                                            Dylan Young

                 (Picture to come soon)                                                                        (Picture to come soon)

            Worked with us since 2010                                                              Worked with us since 2015

Special Terms or Conditions: 

Any Equipment left over 90 days will incur storage fees of $14 per week.